Headin’ for a Weddin’ Coming To PCHS

The Port Clinton High School Drama Club will present its fall production Headin’ for a Weddin’ on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15 and 16, at 7:30 p.m. at the Port Clinton High School Performing Arts Center.

Homer Hollowbone, played by Shane Meek, is in love with a big-city debutante named Melissa Dugan, played by Cheyenne Meek, whose picture he found in a newspaper that was wrapped around some fish. Pretending to be everything he is not, Homer begins a correspondence with Melissa, telling her that he is a very refined, educated gentleman who lives in a mansion and who will be vacationing in Europe over the summer. 

Trouble brews when the lovely Melissa arrives (Homer almost chokes!) to marry the handsome, well-educated young man of the letters and discovers he’s really a hillbilly, living in an old shack with his dirty, shiftless family. His pa, played by Seth Bickel, merely eats, sleeps, and teaches his pet skunk, Gloria, to do tricks, and his sisters, Sarah Jo, Gracie May, Fannie Jane, and Bobbie Jo, played by Shelby Radloff, Gina Buono, Natalie Stitak, and Aileen Blankenship, merely sleep.

Desperately, Homer tries to keep Melissa from discovering his true identity, but his efforts hilariously misfire, and Melissa’s method of revenge is pure down-home bluegrass Virginia fun. 

Other cast members include Laura Helmer, who plays Maw, Homer’s mother; Michael Davis and Courtney Trent, who play Pepper and Sis, Homer’s scrambling brother and sister; Joshua Vossen, who plays Grandpappy Hankley, a spry old man; Kimberley Bodi, who plays the Widow Blairhouse, a woman in love with Grandpappy; Haley Klima, who plays Bertha Blairhouse, the widow’s daughter who is in love with Homer; Jack Warner, who plays Slim Blairhouse, the widow’s son who loves money; and Allison Gilleland and Alyson Shaler, who play Isabel and Hortense Todd, two old maids who accompany Melissa on her journey to the hills.

Headin’ for a Weddin’ is directed by Paul Anderson, who is assisted by Eric Watts, technical consultant. Tickets will go on sale Friday, Nov.r 8, in the high school office for $5 each, or they may be purchased the nights of the show at the PAC box office.

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