The Hunger Games at Port Clinton Middle School

Fleet 7 teachers ready for The Hunger Games at Port Clinton Middle School are (L to R) Nancy Walker as Mrs. Everdeen; Jared Rhode as Mr. Snow; Samantha Lipstraw, as a Tribute; Mallory Myers as Katness Everdeen; Diane Zam as Effie Trinket;  Sara Logsdon as a Citizen from the Capitol ; Hayley Saneholtz and Emily Driggers as Tributes.  

Port Clinton Middle School Fleet 7 began an interdisciplinary unit revolving around the young adult book The Hunger Games. Last Monday morning students gathered in the extended learning area, divided into their "districts" as they held their own Reaping Ceremony. The Fleet 7 teachers dressed as characters from the story while acting out the Reaping Ceremony, where two students from each district were randomly selected as tributes from their district. See the Video or view more pictures in the Photo Album at

Students will be participating in various "challenges" throughout the unit. The challenges are both intellectual (group quizzes, games, etc.) and physical (minute-to-win-it style games, and more) in attempts for their district to win the PCMS Hunger Games. Instead of tributes being eliminated, districts will be trying to win these challenges in order to earn Mockingjay badges for their posters. At the end of the unit, the district with the most Mockingjays will win a prize. 

The Language Arts teachers have been working together to create an interactive unit with the other subjects:  Math, Science, Global Cultural Awareness, Work & Family, and Art.  Ms. Mallory Myers, Language Arts teacher stated, “Our goal with having our own Hunger Games is to have something the kids can get excited about while building teamwork and unity, along with inspiring random acts of kindness.” Random acts of kindness is a theme discussed throughout the story as well as in many Port Clinton Middle School programs.

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