ICS students participate in Young Authors Day

Fifth grader Mitchell Coon acts out a story with Tomah the Mime about his new car.

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, the students at Immaculate Conception School went on an adventure in writing with Tomah the Mime. This all day assembly presented by Mobile Ed. Productions taught students how to reach into their imaginations and sharpen their creative writing skills. Tomah started the day with a 1 hour assembly where he shared his short stories with the classes by both reading the stories and acting them through the art of mime. This not-so-silent mime taught the children to think about characters, situations, and solutions in their writing. He suggested they make their story endings unexpected and to think about the emotions of their characters.

After the assembly, the children were ready to do some of their own writing. Tomah sent them back to their classrooms to use their imaginations and begin writing short stories in small groups. There were stories about silly firemen, a bad babysitter, a not so lucky fisherman, and a really bad bowler. Tomah visited the classrooms during this writing time to coach and stir the imaginations of the young authors. 

After lunch, it was time to meet in the gym again. This time Tomah the Mime presented the stories written by Immaculate Conception School through mime. Students at ICS said that writing has never been so much fun.

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