Bataan students invent some fun

Second-grader Ryan Derifield creates his invention for the upcoming Invention Convention at Bataan Memorial Elementary School.  Second-grade students at Bataan Memorial Elementary School have been busy making inventions. As part of the reading, social studies and science curriculum, teachers Stephanie Kreilick and Stacy Gillum created a lesson that was fun for all. Using pizza boxes, gallon jugs and other items, students used their creativity and made inventions to solve a problem or improve upon a current invention. Some of their creations included solar cars, math fact hats (to help with division and multiplication), quick shoes (for those who are always late) and robots to help organize or do chores.

Students will be presenting their inventions to other students later this week at the Invention Convention.  For more, including pictures and video, go to under the “News” section. 

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