Sunday School class holds bake sale for Devin Kohlman

Some of the children in the Resurrection Lutheran Church Sunday school class know Devin Kohlman and shared information with their classmates about Devin’s battle with brain cancer. Consequently, the class, led by Mrs. Judy Petersen, Sunday School Superintendent, asked that Devin be added to their weekly prayer list and decided to hold a bake sale. The proceeds were to be donated to the Kohlman family for Devin’s medical expenses. The class made posters and displayed them throughout the church.  The bake sale was held on Sunday, June 2. With the help of Mrs. Petersen; Marissa Carstensen, Sunday school aide; and the church’s congregation who donated baked goods, cash and purchased baked goods at the sale, the Sunday school class was able to raise a total of $503 for Devin.

Alaina Dackermann, Arleigh Dackermann, Mikey Breault, Bryceton Hedden, Emily Holcomb, Jack Carpenter, Aidan Carpenter and Kyle Coleman are to be honored for their successful and heartwarming effort.

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