Danbury and Oak Harbor students experience “ Real Money, Real World”

Bradley Hemes, William Miller and Paige Wright with OCTA’s Bill Lowe at the Transportation table. Bradley Hemes, William Miller and Paige Wright with OCTA’s Bill Lowe at the Transportation table.

What do you do to motivate students the last month of school, when state testing has been completed and students and teachers have an eye toward summer vacation? One answer is to give them money and let them spend it.

Kathy Booher with the Ottawa County OSU extension, took “Real Money, Real World” to Danbury and Oak Harbor schools. National Bank of Ohio (NBOH) partnered with the program that gives students an opportunity to manage finances in a real world budget. Connie Fabian of NBOH said, “NBOH was looking for an opportunity to educate students and the OSU program was looking for a partner.”

This year the program was taken to the eighth grade classes. “The state has identified that this is where the need is,” said Booher. “Eighth grade teachers have prepped the students who come in with a checkbook. They visit a total of 14 stations before going to the finish line. The eighth graders will do whatever it takes to get in the black. They will revisit stations and make adjustments.” The stations were staffed by Ottawa County business, government and agency leaders.

Danbury math teacher Kim Bosetti is enthusiastic about the program: “It allows students to make mistakes in a safe environment and to know that there are options.” Bosetti has added another element for her students. Each student has two worksheets, one with the job that they drew based on their GPA, and one with a minimum wage job.

The day had a definite impact on many of the students. One Danbury eighth grader has already reconsidered his career path. Another lasting impression, according to Booher, is “what often surprises the students is the cost of child care.”

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