Back to the 80’s coming to Port Clinton High School

The Port Clinton High School Drama Club will present its student production of Back to the 80’s on Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the PCHS Performing Arts Center.

Set in the USA, Back to the 80’s tells the story of the senior class of William Ocean High School that graduated in the 1980’s, as remembered and seen through the eyes of Corey Palmer, played by Isaac Akins, who is now 30-something.

The then 17-year-old Corey, played by Marshall Parker, is madly in love with his next-door neighbor, Tiffany Houston, played by Alyson Shaler, one of the coolest girls in the school. However, she barely notices this, as she is too busy mooning over Michael Feldman, played by Zach Wheeler, the hottest guy around. Michael and his friends Billy Arnold, Lionel Astley, and Huey Jackson, played by Seth Bickel, Ian Kyle, and Logan Hepp, are athletic and good-looking—the kinds of guys that Corey and his two best friends Alf Bueller and Kirk Keaton, played by Sam Miller and Michael Davis, dream of being. However, while they may not be the coolest guys in the school, they are still one up on Feargal McFerrin III, played by Jack Warner, whose best friend is his computer, and who believes the crazy notion that one day CD’s will replace cassette tapes.

The year commences with Class President Elections: Michael steals Corey’s election speech, and when he uses his ideas and promises the girls a kiss for a vote, he becomes President, with Tiffany as his Vice-president. Corey is left looking on despairingly.

During the year, several new students arrive at the school—Mel and Kim Easton, played by Kassie Finneran and Courtney Trent, (the all-singing, all-dancing twin cheerleaders), and Eileen Reagan, played by Cheyenne Meek, whose life becomes a nightmare when Michael and his gang start to send her fake love letters.

Will Eileen ever make new friends at William Ocean High School? Will Tiffany ever see the evil side of Michael? Meanwhile the teachers are having issues of their own. Mr. Cocker, played by Matthew Fillmore, after being in a relationship for two years with the apparently conservative English teacher, Miss Sheena Brannigan, played by Kirstin Winke, confiscates an old edition of Penthouse from a student, only to discover that his girlfriend is the centerfold. How will he cope? Will their relationship be able to survive this hurdle?

Throw in a Star Wars dream sequence, high-energy dance routines, the obligatory 80’s party scene, copious amounts of blue eye-shadow, twenty cans of hairspray, as well as some of the most popular songs ever written, and the result is a musical that will delight and amuse an audience of any age. 

Other cast members include Haley Klima, who plays Cyndi Gibson, one of Tiffany’s best friends; Allison Gilleland and Kiya Brown, who play Laura Wilde and Debbie Fox, friends of Eileen; and Kayla Armendariz, Aileen Blankenship, Gina Buono, Ericka Castillo, Rachel Chapman, Tiffany Colston, Jon Emmons, Alyssa Jobe, Halee Jones, Marisa Oftedal, Miranda Rawlins, Libby Showalter, Natalie Stitak, Alex Suter, Leah Warner, and Deborah Young, who comprise the Ensemble.

Back to the 80’s is directed by Paul Anderson, who is assisted by Eric Watts, musical director; Karsha Schermbeck, choreographer; Bobby Goode, set construction; Beth Jadwisiak, costumes; and Allyn and Carol Riznikove, technical consultants. Tickets will go on sale Friday, April 5, for $8 in the High School office, or they may be purchased at the PAC box office the nights of the show.

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