Rite of passage at EHOVE

Sarah Williams of Port Clinton with her son. Sarah Williams of Port Clinton with her son.

EHOVE Adult Career Center School of Practical Nursing students participated in a well-known rite of passage in their training, the capping ceremony.  The ceremony marks the halfway point of nursing school as an acknowledgement of the students’ success in reaching that point, and encouragement in reaching their final goal.

A nursing cap is an important symbol to nursing students and dates back to Florence Nightingale.  Female students receive the very recognizable nursing cap, and male students are presented with a nursing pin.  

EHOVE Director of the School of Nursing Janet Ballard officially capped or pinned each student.  "This ceremony although very traditional in its roots allows the student to reflect on their achievements thus far in the program,” said Ballard. “We had a very nice turnout of support from friends and families. I have great expectations for these students and will look forward to seeing their accomplishments in the future."

Page Meir of Oak Harbor receives her cap.

Ottawa County students who celebrated the halfway mark include Paige Mier of Oak Harbor and Sarah Williams of Port Clinton.

Practical nurses may work in hospitals, physicians' private offices, nursing homes, clinics, schools, work sites and in patients' homes under the direction of such health professionals as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists and others. Students learn knowledge, skills and abilities to become a competent health care professional. Skills include patient care with therapeutic nursing interventions including Intravenous skills and critical thinking.

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