BCS Finance Committee is re-established

BCS Treasurer Mr. Tim Coffman re-established the school district's finance committee to
review district finances and to help further community education regarding school

The initial committee meeting was held on Jan. 30, and there are currently
plans to meet each quarter.

The goal of this committee is to discuss current issues regarding funding and district
finances and to help educate constituents about the complexities of public education
funding. According to Treasurer Tim Coffman, “I can see this committee being an
invaluable resource to not only me, but also the community. The business and real
world experience that these members bring to the table can only help to further guide
our District in the right direction financially.”

Members of the committee are Arlyn Bensch, Tim Coffman, Heather Dewitz, Dave
Franck, Kendra German, John Hermes, Guy Parmigian, Steve Rhodes, Jim Ridener,
Curt Riechman, Sue Segaard, Doug Slagle, Erin St. Bonore-Flower and Keith Thorbahn.

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