B-C-S Board approves a balanced budget

The BCS Board of Education approved a 5-year financial forecast on Tuesday, October 23rd that puts forth an end to the deficit spending that has plagued the district for the past 4 years.

The task to reduce spending for the district involved staff reductions, building closures, pay freezes and changes to benefit packages to combat reductions in state funding and declining enrollment.
Mr. Tim Coffman, BCS treasurer said, “While deficit spending has been alleviated in the short term, it goes without saying that uncertainty in state funding and property values remain one of the most difficult areas of school revenue for which to plan.”
Board member Mr. Steve Rhodes commented, “Balancing our budget has been a long, difficult and, at times, unpopular process.  After years of uncontrolled spending and depletion of budget reserves, the current Board of Education was faced with a financial crisis. Drastic reductions were required in order to regain financial control of the district.”
Board President Jeff Dornbusch said working towards a balanced budget (current expenses do not exceed current revenues) was one of the board of education goals beginning in January of this year. We are pleased we have accomplished this initial goal. 
 Superintendent Dr. Guy Parmigian commented, “B-C-S School District is committed to offering a world-class education while living within its means. Our overall educational program must remain lean, while continuing to be a beacon of educational excellence within our region. To do this, we must be innovative and proactive in meeting the needs of the students we serve. I look forward to working collaboratively with our district citizens, our Treasurer, and Board of Education to ensure fiscal responsibility in spending taxpayer dollars.”

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