What a Great Holiday Weekend!

Shane Meek

Who could ask for more? The weather was fantastic, and the fish cooperated nicely.  

Light winds made fishing very pleasant and moving around from spot to spot was an easy task.  Fish were everywhere from in close, up to Canada, and to the east of the Western Basin. While some resident big fish can still be caught on the end, the majority have been on the move, due to the water temperatures rising. Temps are now in the high 60s in most places, and the big girls are on the move to cooler/deeper waters to the east.

If you were fishing this past weekend, then you know that there were hundreds of boats on the water, and finding a pack of fishing boats was not difficult. There was a flotilla of boats just outside of East and West Harbor off Scott’s Point, where easy limits were taken by drift casters and trollers alike. If you listen to channel 79, you would have heard the charter captains chatting back and forth helping each other out with what program was working best and reporting how many limits they had in the boat already.

Personally, I like to find spots away from all the other boats, as it’s easier to make a trolling pass without interference from other’s who may reroute me from my chosen course, and it keeps my stress level way down. Thanks to a friend’s tip, I had a spot pretty much to my self all weekend, making it very enjoyable for not only myself, but for my customers too.

Finding fish was not an issue, because reports of fish being caught were from all over. The east and north sides of Kelleys was popular again, as was A can, B can, and C can west of the islands. The “Kidney” and north of North Bass produced fish, as did the area between North Bass and Middle Island, west of Green and Rattlesnake, and northeast of Niagara.  

My best program for easy limits everyday was crawler harnesses behind 1 oz inline weights at 35-41 back, and #2 Tadpoles at 27 & 29 back, at a speed of 1.3 against the current and 1.5-1.7 with the current. Any blades that had a shiny pink painted underbelly or a chartreuse underbelly worked best.

There are a ton of White Bass and White Perch that are eager to steal your crawlers though, so it takes a lot of nonstop work to keep the lines in the water. But, the results are well worth it.  I am guessing that’s why the big charter boats prefer to use spoons behind Jets and dipsies instead of crawlers.  Some of those big boats can run up to 16+ lines off the big board mast system, so keeping crawlers on that many lines would be a daunting task.

This coming weekend is promising to be another very good weather weekend, so get out there while the conditions are stable and enjoy the fantastic fishing we have been experiencing lately. We never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve, and conditions could change at any time making it a tough bite, or worse yet, making it so we can’t even get out on the lake. So, take advantage while the getting is good, and go catch some fish!

Good luck fishing and be safe!

Captain Juls can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by phone at 419-835-7347. Her website is  Check out her blog for her latest fishing reports!

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