Mayor Jackie Bird and the Marblehead Coast Guard Aux. encourage safe boating Featured

L to R: Auxiliary Flotilla Commander Chris Nelson, BM3 Chris Suppelsa, Mayor Jackie Bird, Auxiliary Member Sam Boles, Auxiliary Member Ed Cochenour, Auxiliary Member Hank Elckert, and Vice Flotilla Commander Harry Archer.

Mayor Jackie Bird inflating her life jacket while Coast Guard Auxiliary member Hank Elckert looks on

To mark the beginning of Safe Boating Week, which runs from May 17-23, the U.S. Coast Guard Marblehead Station welcomed Marblehead Mayor Jackie Bird for a tour and a safe boating demonstration. The USCG Marblehead Station employs 33 full time employees plus part-time reservists. Currently the station has 7 vessels, one of which is two weeks old. The new patrol boat is joy stick controlled, has a jet drive and is equipped with infrared radar.

At the end of the tour, which was given by BM3 Chris Suppelsa, Mayor Bird got to board the new vessel and that is also where she received a demonstration about safety floatation devices. USCG Auxilary member Hank Elckert demonstrated the different kinds of life jackets and floatation devices. He encouraged Mayor Bird to try on a life jacket that was self- inflating with the pull of a cord and she demonstrated how easy it is to move around with the jacket on and how quick it inflates when needed.

The USCG Marblehead Station is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The station, along with all USCG stations, offer free boating inspections to make boating safe. For more information, call the non-emergency station number at 419-798-4445. For more information about Safe Boating Week visit

Marblehead Coast Guard Safety Boating Week

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