Are you smarter than a fifth grader about nature and conservation? Featured

Woodmore fifth graders exploring the beach for natural and man-made items.

Students learned how the soil feeds us from Mike Libben of Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District.

Hearing about the flora and fauna of the marshes.

Thursday and Friday Ottawa County fifth graders experienced the 52nd Annual Conservation Field Day. Though the students live within a few miles of a National and a State Wildlife Refuge, for many of them this was their first visit to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (ONWR) and Magee Marsh. For many it was also their first hayride and their first beachcombing adventure.

At each of five stations students explored and learned from experts from the Refuge, from Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District, from Black Swamp Bird Observatory, from Ohio Department of National Resources and other agencies the richness of the natural world around them. 

Take the following quiz to see some of what the fifth graders discovered: (answers at the end of the article):

Are there jellyfish in Lake Erie? 

How old is Lake Erie? 

How many national wildlife refuges are there in Ohio? Name them.

True or False: The invasive zebra mussels came to Lake Erie when the circus came to Kelleys Island.

For more information on events at ONWR, go to For more information on events at Magee Marsh, go to

1. Yes. Brenda Culler of Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) brought an example of a freshwater jellyfish in a jar.
2. In its current form, less than 4,000 years old.
3. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, West Sister Island, Cedar Point (not the amusement park, an area near ONWR), all here on the North Coast.
4. False.

Smarter than a Fifth Grader about Nature

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