Juvenile bald eagle released Back to the Wild

Mona Rutger releases the Middle Bass eagle back to its home.

Middle Bass Island residents welcomed home a bald eagle on Monday. The rehabilitated juvenile bald eagle, 15 weeks old, was released near the Kuehnle Wildlife Area. The bird had prematurely hatched and fell out of its nest, injuring his wing. He was found in the marsh in the wildlife area by Middle Bass residents, who contacted the wildlife rehabilitation center Back to the Wild in Castalia. Back to the Wild took in the eagle, rehabilitated him, and on Monday happily released him back to the same area where he was found.

Mona Rutger of Back to the Wild thanked the crowd for their support and attending the release of the eagle. Rutger dedicated the release to Lynda David’s father, who had recently passed. David’s family are big supporters and contributors to Back to the Wild.

Middle Bass onlookers followed Rutger’s Back to the Wild van with eagle aboard to the air field near where the eagle was found. After scanning the sky for planes, Rutger released the eagle into the wind and he took flight. The crowd looked on as the eagle soared out of Rutger’s arms, over the air field and out over the lake, ready for his new life in the wild.

Back to the Wild rescues and rehabilitates 2500 injured animals a year. Mona Rutger was named one of CNN’s 2013 Heroes for her painstaking efforts to help wildlife in the area. To learn more about Back to the Wild, to report an injured animal or to make a donation to the non-profit organization, visit or call 419-684-9539.

Bald Eagle Release

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