Women in Conservation Featured

Women in Conservation

Women of different ages and experience levels joined Ottawa Soil & Water Conservation District at the Oak Harbor Conservation Club, Wednesday, June 19, for the third session of the “Women in Conservation” series. This session specialized in giving women an opportunity to fire handguns and to shoot archery. Before the activities began, Bob Rogers from the Catawba Sporting Goods store gave a safety talk on how to properly handle a firearm in order to prevent misfire and injury.

Throughout the event, the women were more thoroughly instructed on techniques by certified professional gunmen and archers. The women also had the pleasure to listen to Jacob Wukie, an Olympic archer won a silver medal in London, tell his story of making it to the Olympics and watched him shoot a bullseye from 70 yards. Many of the women in attendance had never participated in either type of recreation before the session, and afterwards all of them agreed that they felt more confident and comfortable with handling guns and found both sports to be enjoyable. The Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District would like to thank the Oak Harbor Conservation Club and all the volunteers for making this event possible.

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