Honeybee swarming season

Honeybee swarming season

Jerry Hinton, of Tall Timbers campground in Port Clinton and Grove City, capturing a swarm of honeybees. This swarm has approximately 10,000-12,000 female bees along with one queen in the center and a handful of male drone bees.

This is swarming season for honeybees. Over the next three weeks there will be increasing chances for swarming. Honeybees are extremely gentle when swarming and a home owner has two good choices when finding a swarm. One choice it to leave the swarm alone. The honeybees will usually leave in 24-48 hours with very little chance of a stinging event occurring. The other choice is to call a local beekeeper to come and get the swarm. Lockwood Honey in Port Clinton is a source of information (and honey and lipbalm) on facebook at Lockwood Honey or at 419-205-1643 

Honeybees, essential for the pollinating of our food crops, are rapidly disappearing due to a variety of reasons. We all need to honor and preserve the honeybees. 

Photo from Jerry Hinton


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