Weather and Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie Featured

Weather and Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie

It’s simple to say, “Let’s go fishing”, but it’s not so simple to catch fish when the weather conditions are constantly changing from day to day. Keeping an eye on the weather is very important when you’re a walleye angler, and making adjustments to your presentation is even more important.

To go out and present the baits in the same fashion you did two days ago, because they were biting well then, won’t work. The conditions have changed. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change your favorite technique to something else, it simply means your favorite presentation might need a little tweaking.

For instance, I like to troll and run crawler harnesses behind inline planer boards. I’m not going to change that presentation because a weather change has happened. What I will do, however, is change my blade size, my boat speed, the depth the lures are running and/or blade colors. Sometimes it takes just one change and sometimes it’s a combination of adjustments to get them to bite again.

On sunny days, I have found that the fish prefer the flashier colors on the underside of the blades, like “pink anti-freeze”, copper, or anything with a metallic finish. So now I pay less attention to the outside of the blades and more attention to the undersides. I think the underside of the blade plays a much bigger role in the presentation than its given credit for. On cloudy days, I will switch over to a blade that has a brightly painted opaque color on the underside, like chartreuse, glow, orange or hot pink.

Sometimes you will need to change the blades throughout the day. In the morning it could be sunny and in the afternoon cloudy, or vice versa, so paying attention to the weather and experimenting with your presentation should help you put more fish in your boat.

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