Weather tools to help you catch more fish

Marc Miller of Cleveland with a nice "Eye"
The internet has become a place for finding information with the push of a few keystrokes, and when it comes to finding information for my next fishing trip I want that information quickly.

There are several internet sites that will help you determine where to start looking for fish on your next trip out. 

To keep it simple: fish do two things in life--eat and spawn. They spawn once a year, so the rest of the year they are trying to stay alive by finding food and feeding.

To find walleye, you need to find their food source. So, in a sense, one should learn about the habits of the forage base, rather than the habits of the walleye, to understand why they are where they are at any given time.

Lake Erie is huge, and one of the best internet tools for making it a little smaller is a picture taken from a satellite.

After a big blow, when the lake looks like chocolate milk, there are always places of clean water that can be seen from the sky that can’t be seen from shore. Look for water that is not too clean and not too muddy. Most often you’ll find active fish feeding in the “mixing waters”. You can find satellite photos for Lake Erie at Just click on the Lake Erie Map. 

Other quick weather/fishing related links that you’ll want to check are winds, weather, marine forecast and surface temps.

For easy access to all of these links, go to the Weather Page on my website (listed below).

Be safe and have fun!

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