Meadowbrook Marsh Preserve expanded by 80 acres

Meadowbrook Marsh Preserve expanded by 80 acres Photo by Donna Lueke

Through the Black Swamp Conservancy and the Kracer family, Danbury Township’s Meadowbrook Marsh preserve has acquired 80 more acres to bring the preserve to a total of 193 acres. The land has been deeded to the township at no cost under a conservation easement, due to the collaborative efforts of Richard Kracer, Rob Krain of the Black Swamp Conservancy and the Danbury Township trustees. This means that the entire pond will now be part of the preserve. 


Meadowbrook Marsh is located off Bayshore Road in Danbury Township between Englebeck and Quarry roads. It is a public nature preserve that includes a category three wetland marsh, forest, meadow and grassland. The wetland located on the west side of the bridge will never experience development and is home to an wide selection of waterfowl. On the east side of the bridge is an observation deck, ADA accessible paved trails and over 3,000 feet of mulched and grass trails. Meadowbrook has a vast array of migratory birds and waterfowl, deer, muskrat and coyote. 

For more information and a map of Meadowbrook, check the Danbury Township website at For more information on the Black Swamp Conservancy, contact 

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