Women in Conservation first season deemed a success

The sun setting over the lush marshes of the Winous Point Marsh Conservancy was the ideal conclusion to the inaugural season of the Women in Conservation series.

14 women were chauffeured through the marshes on punt boats with individual guides pointing out the wildlife and features of the marsh. Before the marsh tour, the women had been treated to a meal of  Opie’s smoked pulled pork and macaroni and cheese and a tour by manager John Simpson of the Winous Point Shooting Club, the oldest hunt club in the United States.

Becky Simpson of Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District orchestrated a diverse mix of six evenings throughout the spring and summer that celebrated the richness of the outdoor life of Ottawa County. Those that participated in one, several or all of the evenings were enthusiastic in their comments about the experiences.
“Mark, my guide, was so informative. I learned about the natural aquatic plants and saw one of the duck blinds. I can't begin to do justice to being on the water with the sliver of new moon, a gorgeous sunset and coots and other waterfowl flying into the marshes,” said Chris Galvin of Port Clinton.

In  addition to sharing memories, participants took away something tangible from each of the evenings, such as CDs and field guides for bird watching, flower presses from Schedel Gardens, souvenir targets from the pistol and archery shooting ranges at Oak Harbor Conservation Club, wild game recipes from Opie, and a wealth of knowledge and deeper appreciation of the rich outdoor life of our area and those who are the guardians.

For more information, or to get on the mailing list for the 2013 Women in Conservation series, contact Becky Simpson at 419.341.3832.

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