Bataan students are inventors

Bataan Memorial Primary students in Mrs. Stephanie Kreilick’s created their own inventions and presented to Mrs. Lajti’s grade 5 classroom at Bataan Memorial Intermediate.  Pictured here making their presentation are grade 2 students Sarah Borton, Reilly Laird, Austin Weglick, and Clarissa Corona.  See more pictures on the school district website, under Photo Albums.


Bataan Intermediate students earn Reading Olympic medals

Bataan Memorial Intermediate students in Mrs. Karen Roberts classroom completed in the Reading Olympics. Medalists included, left to right: Anthony Aukerman, Ethan Luma, Kennedy Adkins, Zach Adkins, Ashton Fisher, Sydney Moore and Tegan Allison. Not pictured is Camden Riggs.

In keeping with the theme of the Winter Olympics, students in Mrs. Karen Roberts’ Grade four classroom at Bataam Memorial Intermediate School in Port Clinton just completed the Reading Olympics. Students followed the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and took part in a reading challenge. Choosing from a list of books or selecting their own book in their reading level, students earned medals based on the number of pages they read. Gold medalists read over 1,000 pages in 17 days; Silver Medalists, 750 pages; and Bronze medalists, 500 pages in 17 days.  

Mrs. Roberts presented students completing the reading challenge with medals. Gold Medalists were Sydney Moore and Tegan Allison. Silver Medalists were Ashton Fisher and Camden Riggs. Bronze Medalists were Anthony Aukerman, Zach Adkins, Ethan Luma and Kennedy Adkins.

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