Mon Ami holding benefit for Richie Saponari

We are very sorry to report that Richie Saponari, the husband of Salvation Army Ottawa County Director Maureen Saponari, passed away last Friday. He was one of those “characters” on the local scene that made life more interesting and fun! Mon Ami is planning a special benefit for Richie this coming Tuesday, April 22 from 6-10 p.m. They are asking a minimum $20 donation at the door or you can purchase tickets at the following locations: The Beacon, Minuteman Press, Mon Ami or the Crow’s Nest. All proceeds will go to his medical expenses. Ronnie Howard and his band, Cruisin’, along with the Flashback 3 band from Seniors Gone Wild (which Richie organized and got started) will provide the entertainment. He also started Island Idol, another popular entertainment venue from past years. He knew how to twist my arm to get me to judge many of those Island Idol events. For more information, contact Mon Ami at 419-797-4445.

We want to wish a very happy 50th Birthday to the late Earl Warnke’s favorite daughter (I won’t mention any names). All I can say is that she looks terrific and still knows how to have lots of fun!


Oak Harbor holds annual Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 12, at 2 p.m. Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce held its annual Easter Egg Hunt. The children lined up by age group, were given a number and were able to go on the lawn of Adolphus Kraemer Park by the Log Cabin to pick two eggs. After getting their eggs, the children went through downtown Oak Harbor looking for their number in shop windows around town. When they found their number, that business gave the children a bag of candy. Then, at the Portage Fire Department, children were able to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny.


Bird observatory, B-C-S, partner for environment

Schools have released balloons during elementary science classes and many people release them in remembrance of a loved one. But what happens to those balloons once the helium runs out?

Students Against Balloon Releases, a partnership between Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools, is hoping to educate students about the dangers and wastefulness of mass balloon releases and other forms of litter.

Tiffanie Hayes, BSBO Conservation Outreach Specialist, said she too remembers releasing balloons in science class. As she got older, she realized just how dangerous the practice was. “When I was in school, we released balloons as a science project,” Hayes said. “We would write our names and addresses on a postcard and hoped that whoever found our balloons would write back. We would then be able to see how far the balloon went. As I got older, I began to see how dangerous it is to have balloons released into the environment.”

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