No Kids go Hungry Program with Truth Ministries

Over one in five children go to bed hungry in our country and the statistics in Ottawa County could even be higher.


In light of this alarming need and in support of the No Kids Go Hungry Program, The Church of Truth Ministries in Gypsum will be expanding their community meal to help meet the nutritional needs of Ottawa County kids and their families. 

The first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m, the church will feature a kids and family night with a kid friendly meal and special family events. There will be no charge for any of the meals or events. No offering or monetary donations are expected.

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, Judge Kathleen L. Giesler of the Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Court, will help kick off the first event. After the meal, the children will be invited to a special movie time. During the movie, Judge Giesler will meet with parents and others that attend to discuss topics relevant to helping our children.

On the first Wednesday in November, Truth Ministries is planning a fall harvest party for the community’s children and families. Seasonal food favorites, games and other events are planned for the night.

“Every first Wednesday of the month the food and program will be focused on a theme that is kid and family based and everyone is welcome to attend”, stated Pastor Brian Hild of Truth Ministries.  He added, “We have a food pantry and a weekly meal for our local community and the kids focused program is just a natural extension to what we already offer.” 

Although Truth Ministries is a faith based organization, this program is truly a non-denominational community outreach. As such, any local organizations or community members that would like to assist in this effort are encouraged to contact Pastor Hild at 419-656-0412, Annie Hild at 419-341-7013 or Lois Tuttamore at 419-341-7209.

The Church of Truth Ministries is located on State Road, across from the airport, in the old Portage School Building. Everyone is encouraged to spread the word and bring neighbors and friends to the monthly Wednesday night event.

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