Three tips to get the most from your Medicare plan in 2014

By Steve Gulas, Bolte Insurance

• Evaluate your Part D prescription drug plan. This is much easier than most people think. It is important to make certain your existing medications will still be covered on your present plan for 2014. Also check to see if there are other plans that may offer a lower premium and out-of-pocket drug cost savings. You can do this by going to and click compare Medicare health and drug plans. This tool will allow you to make an easy side by side comparison of your present plan. Presently there are about 30 Part D prescription drug plans to choose from.

• Re-shop your Medicare Supplement Plan. Although coverage is the same for similar plan letters from company to company, pricing can be significantly different from one company to the next. Many people have Plan F or C which are the two most benefit-rich plans. For many people these plans may be overkill. You may be wasting a lot of money in premiums and could save money by considering if Plan G, N or even high-deductible Plan F might be a better value.

• Consider if a Medicare Advantage Plan is right for you. Many counties have plans available that have little or $0 monthly premium. These plans are typically PPO or HMO style plans. These style plans are not for everybody. However, they can be a great value and provide both medical and prescription drug coverage and offer considerable premium savings compared to Medicare Supplemental Plans. In 2013 there were eight plans available in Ottawa County through three different companies. Some of these plans even include extra dental and vision benefits and health fitness center membership through the Silver Sneakers program. You can view plan benefits at and click on Compare Medicare Health and Drug plans. 

If you need help in finding a better plan, local independent agents are available that can help you with this process. Contact Steve Gulas or Chuck Devore at Bolte Insurance Agency at 419.732.3111. They represent multiple Medicare plans and will put your interests first. 


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