Magruder Hospital renovating emergency room

Magruder Hospital has started making improvements to its emergency room that will improve the hospital's service to patients and accommodations for emergency personnel. The Board of Trustees recently approved this project and it is estimated to cost the hospital $950,000.
The renovation will feature an additional entrance for ambulances, allowing for more private transportation of patients into the hospital. All of the treatment rooms will now be private, another enclosed registration area will be added and a new report room for emergency personnel is all part of the plan.

“Back in 2009 we added additional exam rooms to our emergency room, and in the process, we had to reclaim space being used by emergency personnel to complete their reports,” said Jack Smith, Magruder's Director of Facilities Management & Improvement. He said the hospital allocated another area adjacent to the ER for emergency personnel, but it was not as convenient for them as the previous location.
“We knew we had to get them back in the hospital, so when we began our renovation plans, we included a report room for them,” said Smith.
Smith went with Mike Long, Magruder’s President & CEO, to an emergency personnel meeting this past summer where they presented initial plans for the report room.
“They were thrilled to be getting space back within the ER. We wanted them to have a say in the design of the space, so we asked them for their input. We have kept in touch with them as we have progressed with the project,” said Long.
The entire renovation project is scheduled to be complete this summer.

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