Re-shopping your health insurance

If you are in good health, re-shop your health insurance now to lock in a low rate before Obama Care begins in January 2014. Starting then, individual health insurance will become guaranteed issue, all plans will cover maternity, many preventative benefits will be mandatory and health insurers will no longer be able to charge more based upon medical conditions. Although all of these features sound attractive, they will come with a hefty price tag.

The low health insurance pricing people in good health can obtain today is going to be gone for good starting in January. You should most likely be able to delay the costly price increases of Obama Care until your plan’s renewal date in 2014 if you qualify for a new health insurance plan today with a favorable health rating.

Starting in January there will only be three main factors used to determine the price you will pay for health insurance—age, geographic area and smoker/non-smoker status. Although this sounds fair and simple, it will most likely lead to significantly higher pricing and especially to those individuals who are in good health and in particular younger males. In general male pricing for health insurance today is much lower than female rates, especially in the younger age brackets. A person’s sex will no longer be a factor in the rates. 

If you need help securing a better health insurance plan and need advice through the transition, contact Steve Gulas or Chuck Devore at Bolte Insurance Agency at 419.732.3111, or visit their website for an online quote at They are independent agents who represent multiple health insurance companies.

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