TOPS OH 1487 presents new officers and awards

TOPS OH 1487, Port Clinton held their annual Installation of Officers and presentation of weight loss awards on Tuesday, April 9, at the Catawba Community Hall. Karen Hull, Area Captain installed the 2013 officers as follows: Leader, Sue Mooney, Co-leader, Rosetta Just, Secretary, Marylue Carroll, Treasurer, Sandy Wright, Weight Recorder, Janine Dress and Assistant Weight Recorder, Cindy Fedor. Each officer was presented a gift and a certificate.

The following awards were presented:

Best Loser for 2012, Mary Triska; Half way to goal, Sue Mooney; Perfect Attendance for 2012, Cindy Fedor; KOPS (those persons who have lost their weight and are maintaining) who stayed below goal all year, Karen Hull and Patricia Schraidt.

Yellow roses and charms were presented to KOPS for longevity of KOPS status – Clara Maag for 4 years, Patricia Schraidt for 26 years, and Karen Hull for 30 years. Nancy Leiter, who was unable to attend, will be presented her awards for 5 years of KOPS status when she returns.Phil Carstensen was awarded for 12 weeks of no gains for the first quarter of 2013.

TOPS OH 1487, Port Clinton meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Catawba Township Community Hall. Men, women and children ages 7 through 18 are invited to join TOPS for support and education to lose excess pounds. The first meeting is free.

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