Daddy’s Gonna Kill Ralphie calls Port Clinton home

Port Clinton natives Rob Zajac and Kyle Kilmer released their fourth studio album, To Ohio, At Last, with their band Daddy’s Gonna Kill Ralphie (DGKR)at a CD release show Saturday, Aug. 17. Other members of the band, Corey Salts of Vickery and Toby Fallsgraff of Chicago, although not natives of Port Clinton, feel that Port Clinton is the home of DGKR.

Fallsgraff started the band at Ohio University, performing as a solo act. Through working at the college radio station he met Zajac and they started making music together. They released their first album, Letter Carrier (if these buttons control you) in 2004 after graduating from OU. Over the course of two more studio recordings, the band grew into a four piece band, adding Kilmer and Salts. 

The latest release from the band, To Ohio, At Last, was friend-funded and hand made by the band and their friends. Through the online fundraising site Kickstarter more than 200 of the band’s supporters from all parts of the country chipped in to help fund their project. The campaign raised nearly twice their stated goal. “When you have that kind of outpouring of support from your friends, it’s the best motivation,” said Fallsgraff. “It reminds you why you’re doing this.”

With the money in place for the album, the band could execute their vision for To Ohio, At Last. The vinyl art was done by Port Clinton native Clare Pluckhorn and will be released this fall. The CD art was all screen-printed, cut, and hand-made by the band and their friends, a source of great pride for the band. 

“This band doesn’t exist without Port Clinton. It’s our meeting place, the place we’ve recorded each of our albums, and really it’s a central part of our band’s identity,” said Fallsgraff. “I think no matter where we all go as individuals, the music is being made right here next to Lake Erie.”

Daddy’s Gonna Kill Ralphie releases are available on and through the iTunes music store.

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