Art Walk premieres in Historic Downtown Port Clinton

The Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council (GPAAC) and Historic Downtown Port Clinton art galleries and venues have united to form Art Walk, a free downtown art celebration, on the fourth Thursday of each month beginning on May 23 from 5 until 8 pm.

Along with the GPCAAC, art galleries, restaurants and other businesses will support the monthly trek. Opening receptions will be held at many of the galleries, along with refreshments and music. Various restaurants and businesses will provide a musical interlude as well as hosting an Artist between 5 pm and 8 pm as art patrons wander from one art stop to the next.

"Art Walk was formed by the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council (GPCAAC) to further generate public interest and solidify downtown Port Clinton as a destination for the arts," stated Keith Fleming, gallery owner and GPCAAC Outreach Committee member.

"Raising greater awareness of the arts-both locally and outside the city-this event is of interest to all age groups and is family friendly," added Jen Nickel, artist and Chair.

Not only will galleries and businesses be featuring artists, the streets will be lined with artists creating and selling their works. There is no fee for the artists to set up shop, but reservations must be made prior. For more information contact either Jen Nickel 419-341-0804 or Keith Fleming 419-734-5235. for details

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