VAPORS: electronic cigarette superstore Featured

A new specialty electronic smoke shop is now open in the Bassett’s Shopping Center Plaza: VAPORS. VAPORS boasts of having the highest quality electronic cigarette and e-liquid selection of anywhere in our area. There is a wide variety of styles and colors of electronic cigarettes and accessories along with 103 different flavors of e-liquids and their inventory is continuously growing. The flavors vary from tobacco brand flavors to desserts and fruits.

“With a regular cigarette the user is breathing in tar and the product is combusting,” said owner and vapor guru Michael. “The electronic cigarette is different in that contents are liquid vapor and they are not combusting as the user is inhaling. The product can still contain nicotine, but instead of smoke, water vapor is entering the body.”

The VAPOR’s ingredients are vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine (if wanted). There are five different levels of nicotine available in the flavors offered at VAPORS. VAPORS says their liquids are created by PhD chemists and chemical engineers who are on staff at the VAPORS’ lab. The lab is ISO 9001: 2008 and cGMP certified. The USP grade minimum 99.8% pure nicotine in the liquid is manufactured in an FDA audited and approved facility. 

“We want to let people know how to quit smoking and start vaping,” said Michael.

“It is important also that we find our customers the right flavor and brand for them as well,” said employee, Dione. “This helps a lot in the quitting smoking process.”

“Most of our customers are in the market so they can quit smoking or have already quit. Smoking is a physical and chemical addiction,” said Michael. “People need the physical sense of a cigarette just as must at the nicotine. We are offering people a healthier way to have that without the negative health effects of smoking.”

VAPORS offers a six month (give or take) quit smoking plan. Vaping experts suggest that to achieve this plan, start using the electronic cigarette a tobacco e-liquid flavor. After that step to your brand flavor while adding another flavor in addition to that. Stepping away from tobacco flavors while decreasing the nicotine amounts helps wean the user away from typical cigarettes.

“By using our product, there is a 90% savings from smoking combustible cigarettes,” said Michael. “One of our e-liquid bottles is the equivalent of a carton and a half of cigarettes.”

The Catawba location of VAPORS will soon be adding a vaping bar to their shop. The bar will be a lounge area, equipped with comfortable seating and room for conversation, where customers can try different kinds of e-liquids and vape together.

VAPORS has a main location in Toledo at 5226 Monroe Street with nine additional Toledo locations. The company is also looking to add a Sandusky location next spring.

For more information about VAPORS visit or call 419-MY1-VAPE to talk to a VAPORS trained staff member.

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