Marblehead Lite Bed and Breakfast featured at Marblehead Bank

Marblehead Lite Bed and Breakfast featured at Marblehead Bank

The Marblehead Bank is featuring The Marblehead Lite Bed & Breakfast with displays in the lobby of their branch office located on Bridge Road during regular business hours from August 18 through August 30. The Marblehead Bank has established this marketing program to provide the opportunity for area businesses to positively promote their business, displaying their wares in the branch office lobby area. 

Marblehead Lite Bed & Breakfast is located on Lake Erie just a few steps from the historical Marblehead Lighthouse. The B & B also boasts a great view of Cedar Point. The upstairs room has two beds and a bath, the Suite has its very own entrance. The comfy, cozy B&B claims to be unique, quiet and private with a full breakfast, WIFI, Satellite TV and Netflix. The Keepers of the Marblehead Lite Bed and Breakfast are Jack and Marilyn Miller. You can contact them at 419-798-4200 for questions and reservations.

The Millers are also proud to own another business in Ottawa County – Beacon Point Range. The Driving Range at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and SR 2 in Port Clinton. They are open from dawn to dusk and are self-serve. Cost is $5, $7 or $10 per bucket of balls. It is just a short drive to practice for the long drive. Call 419-341-3000 for the driving range.

Area business owners may contact Marblehead Bank’s Lori Fletcher or Sherila Carr at the Peninsula Branch at 419-732-6263 for further details of their Spotlight Business Program and to reserve a time slot for their display. There is no charge for this marketing service.

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