The Marblehead Bank Announces Staff Promotions

The Marblehead Bank is pleased to announce Deborah K. Stephens as the bank’s new Vice President. She will retain her main position as cashier of the bank, as well as additional executive responsibilities. Several additional mid management promotions were also announced.

Ms. Stephens has been with The Marblehead Bank since 1991 where she started as a teller. Throughout her 23 year career at the bank, Deb has held the positions of Proof Operator, Senior Teller, Administrative Assistant Operations, and Assistant Vice President Cashier. Ms. Stephens is a graduate of Bellevue High School and Bowling Green State University. She also has completed studies with the Ohio Bankers League School of Banking and the Ohio Bankers League Leadership Training Program.  

Several other bank employees were recently promoted to mid management positions. Carol A. Good is the bank’s new Senior Accountant, Sherila L. Carr is now serving as the Assistant Branch Manager at the bank’s Bridge Road Branch, Cynthia M. Waugh is an Executive Assistant and Tonya M. Salyers is now an Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Carol Good started her tenure at the bank in 2002 and worked as a Teller, Senior Teller, Secretary-Receptionist, Book Keeper and Operations Clerk before her recent promotion.

Sherila Carr started at the bank in 2003 and worked as a Teller and Senior Branch Teller before her promotion. 

Cynthia Waugh began as a Teller in 2009 and also held the position of Secretary-Receptionist before her promotion.

Tonya Salyers first started at the bank in 2002 where she was a teller and a senior teller.  She left the bank for several years and then returned in 2011 to serve as a Customer Service Representative before her promotion.

William Tuttamore, the bank’s President and CEO noted, “I congratulate the employees that have recently received promotions. All of our bank Officers and Employees are some of the best professionals in the business and I am very fortunate to be able to work with such a talented team”.

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