Davis-Besse’s generator replacement to bring $12.5 million to local economy Featured

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In the early months of 2014 Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station will be undergoing a major project to support long-term safe and reliable plant operation; the replacement of two steam generators. The current steam generators are original plant components and more than 50 steam generators have been successfully replaced in the U.S. nuclear industry, 5 of which are the same basic design as Davis-Besse’s. Steam generators are heat exchangers used to transfer heat from the primary reactor coolant system to the secondary steam system. The steam is used to turn the main turbine generators to create electricity.

The steam generator replacement will not only ensure that Davis-Besse is an economical and clean energy source, but it will also bring jobs and revenue to the area. Year round, Davis-Besse provides more than 700 full time jobs and contributes more than $13 million each year in state and local taxes. The $600 million dollar steam generator replacement project is going to employ 2300 additional local and traveling contract workers during the outage. This will bring $5.9 million dollars in additional tax revenue to the area.

“An economic impact study completed by FirstEnergy estimates that the project will add about $12.5 million to the local economy,” said Jennifer Young of FirstEnergy. “Workers will be staying in area hotels, eating in local restaurants and frequenting area stores.”

FirstEnergy, its suppliers and the necessary additional workforce will also require many goods and services that will mostly be supplied by local businesses. These goods and services include: construction services for temporary and permanent storage facilities; steel fabrications and replacement materials such as concrete, reinforcing steel bars, plating material, anchor bolts and fasteners; and other support services including lodging, food services, office supplies, meeting rooms and catering.

The steam generator replacement will bring much needed revenue to our area in a time when profit for local businesses hits a lull in the winter months.

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