Twenty years of gratitude at The Kenny House

Nancy Barna at The Kenny House

In 1993, Nancy Barna opened one of the first massotherapy practices in the area at a small office on Madison Street. This month she celebrates her 20th year of business in Port Clinton.

“I want to express my gratitude to my family, friends and clients who have supported me throughout, such as Bruce Winters, Doc Waite (the late Dr. John Waite), Mike Bassett and Julie Dunham.” Barna’s family includes husband Gino; son Bart, 31; daughter Melanie, 22; daughter Madison, 15; and grandchildren Annabelle and Brick.


The Kenny House

In 1997, Barna moved her office to a turn of the century house on Adams Street. From the beginning, The Kenny House has had a spirit of giving thanks incorporated into the place. The Kenny House was named in memory of Barna’s beloved father, Kenny Oglesbee. Barna purchased and remodeled the house, investing money that passed on to her when her dad passed on. “I wanted to expand the services, and find a way to stay connected to and thank my Dad. He was always a great host and loved people. I wanted to carry on that tradition.”

Recently Keith Fleming of Keith Fleming Gallery on 2nd Street in Port Clinton assisted Barna remodel the reception area, blending several of her items with some of Fleming’s antiques and displays of merchandise that the Kenny House offers, maintaining its style that can be described as “recycled and eclectic, yet functional and warm.”

There are three licensed massotherapists that work at the Kenny House: Barna; Barbie Bloom, who specializes in orthopedic massage; and intern Kimberly Williamson. They offer traditional massotherapy, reflexology, Thai massage, whirlpool, basalt stone massage, and pregnancy massage. There are clients that have been with Barna from the beginning of her practice.“There are those who come here once a year, and those who come twice a week. The business has developed more than I ever anticipated.” 

Barna at times refers clients to other massotherapists at The Kenny House and in the area. “If I am not offering what a client needs, it is to their benefit to go to another therapist. It is a much better fit to have an open door, for clients to come and go when it is right for them.” 

As to her own specialties, in 1991 Barna graduated from The Ohio College of Limited Medical Practice in Cleveland, which was one of only 7 schools of massotherapy at that time in the state of Ohio. Since then she has continued to study, taking approximately 50 classes over the past 20 years “because of my passion for learning more about the field.” That field has taken her as far afield as Thailand, where last year she studied Thai massage with the masters at “a beautiful resort, with wonderful people.” In addition to massotherapy, she is certified in reflexology, Hellerwork, myofascial therapy, basalt stone massage and Thai massage.

Often, Barna combines study with travel. Recently, she returned from a week-long retreat with the noted Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Mississippi, “one of the best experiences ever.” 

The Wellness Corner

In 2011, Barna purchased the neighboring property on the corner of Adams and 3rd Street that now houses David Prudhomme’s Mederi Wellness offices. The Kenny House and Mederi Wellness form a community Wellness Corner in the heart of Port Clinton. “Dave works with the mind, and I work with the body. We have had excellent results collaborating to offer a full wellness experience,” said Barna. On Mother’s Day, the Wellness Corner offered a weekend program that incorporated group and individual sessions at Mederi Wellness and the Kenny House along with an outdoor yoga class and lunch. 

On the 3rd Street side of Mederi Wellness, there is a labyrinth made of native stone that is open for anyone to use at anytime. “There have been people who have walked the labyrinth as early as 5 a.m., and late into the evening. It is good to know that people are using the corner to be mindful and reduce their stress.” Herb and flower gardens and a circle with outdoor yoga mats are part of the grounds at Wellness Corner, all open to the community. 

CIC and Sandusky Massage

Since 1994, Barna, who lives on Catawba, has also had a satellite office at the Catawba Island Club in Port Clinton.

Recently she opened a new office, Sandusky Massage, located at 121 Water Street in Sandusky. Born in Sandusky, Barna “wanted to open an office in downtown Sandusky, because it was home.”

For more information or to schedule and appointment at The Kenny House,, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 419.734.5943. For appointments at Sandusky Massage, call 419.341.1713.

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