Bodi N Balance celebrates its fifth year with a ribbon cutting Featured

From left to right: Will Moore, Lee Vivod, Trevor Tieche, Kearsten Tieche, Chuck Conboy, Kathy Tish and Nikki Adams.

Trevor and Kearsten Tieche’s commitment to their education, business and well-being of others has made Bodi N Balance blossom. In 2006, Bodi N Balance LLC started with two clients in a living room but now is a booming fitness business with hundreds of clients. Trevor, who is a disabled infantry veteran, has his BS in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University and Kearsten, who formerly worked full time at Nationwide Children’s hospital PICU, has a Masters degree in Anesthesia from Case Western.

Bodi N Balance offers a variety of services to its members. The fitness studio is a 24 hour facility available to fit anyone’s schedule. Cardio Kickboxing, core workouts, yoga, Zumba, gliding and rowing are just some of the classes offered at Bodi N Balance. The most popular class that Bodi N Balance offers is Indo-Row. The rowing machines, which are filled with actual water to create true to life resistance, are great for first timers or fitness veterans. 

November 20 marked the five year anniversary of the opening of their Port Clinton Harbor Light Landing location. The Tieches and their staff receive ongoing fitness training and education to ensure that Bodi N Balance is on their fitness game. In the future, Trevor said that high impact aerobic workout classes are next on the list for Bodi N Balance.

For more information on Bodi N Balance visit or call 419-732-1000.

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