Mike Lento is on point with On Point Wellness Featured

On Sunday, Sept. 22, Mike Lento, his On Point Wellness team and participants from around the community flipped tires on the City Beach a total of 8 miles to benefit Chase Cortez and Devin Kohlman, two juvenile residents of our community who have cancer. On Point Wellness wasn’t the only business in the community to lend their hand in this event. Mary’s Blossom Shop was selling $10 bouquets  of roses to donate proceeds to the event, Perfect Color and Tan donated a percentage of their sales Friday and Saturday to go towards the event and many other business and private donations were made as well. In all $1500 was raised to go towards Chase Cortez, Devin Kohlman and their families to cover any expenses they have.

Lento said Monday that he was “humbly sore” from the tire flipping event. Lento said it’s the least he could do to support Chase and Devin. “I hear people say they’re tired and they work too much, but when we wake up we have a choice. These kids don’t have that choice. They want to play sports and be involved but they can’t. They’re the ones who know what tired is,” Lento said. The concept of the tire flip was to feel the exhaustion so people can see what it’s like. Lento said once people came to the beach to see what the tire flip was about and they heard about what Chase and Devin go through every day, they wanted to flip too.

“I want to create and bring excitement back to the community, no matter what the circumstance,” said Lento. He certainly is achieving that goal. Not only is Lento organizing fund raising events, he’s running his fitness business, organizing free boot camps in town and educating the community about nutrition. Lento explains that often the fitness industry is uncomfortable and people are afraid to fail. In the environment created by On Point Wellness and Lento trust is built with participants and they become friends and family and support each other, not bring one another down. “We offer education and options to help people succeed.”

Not only is Lento a great asset to the community, he is also a great advocate of the health of our community. Lento is currently looking to expand his business by renting another space to build an indoor work-out facility. “I want to create an atmosphere where people can come and feel comfortable while they get fit. It’s always 70 and sunny inside.”

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