“Take Local Home” campaign at Bassett’s Market

Produce Manager Terry Galaway and Mike Bassett.

When you walk into Bassett’s Market in Port Clinton, the first displays are of local produce. For 80 years Bassett’s Markets have been partnering with Moore’s Orchards near Oak Harbor to bring their customers “the best peaches in the world”, according to owner Mike Bassett. Quinstock Farms of Catawba provide apricots and strawberry delicious apples, and a new line of fresh salsa. Rimelsbach Farms of Fremont provide sweet corn, peppers and fresh melons. Thompson from Catawba supplies tomatoes and flowers. 

The commitment to using local suppliers is something that Bassett’s has been doing for decades. “We try to be as local as possible, “said Bassett. “Homegrown is what our customers want.” 

Produce manager Terry Galway agreed, “We use signs as much as possible” to let customers know that they are buying fresh and local.

Locavores are those who try as much as possible to buy and consume food from no further than 100 miles away, believing that fresh and local is not only a benefit from a taste and nutritional standpoint, but also benefits the local economy and the environment in less fuel consumption.  

Moving through the store, Bassett pointed out items in each section from local sources. In the deli, salads, soups and other prepared items are made in the store. There are deli meats from Tank’s Meats in Elmore, and other specialty deli items from Tiger Bakery in Toledo. 

In the bakery, in addition to breads and cakes baked in the store, on Saturdays bagels are brought in from Barry’s Bagels in Toledo.

In the cheese department, Ohio-made Walnut Creek cheeses are featured. The meat department has Ohio-raised turkeys from Cooper Farms and Daisyfield Pork from Sandusky and Gerber chicken from Hebron. There is premium chicken paprikash from Amherst and local eggs from Cindy Jacoby.

The dairy department showcases Toft’s milk products from Sandusky and glass bottled milk from Hartzler. Toft’s ice cream is prominently marketed in the frozen food department.

Bassett’s extensive wine department features Lonz and Heineman wines and a broad selection of beer comes from Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland. Bassett’s Market is the number one ice seller in Ohio for Luc Ice of Sandusky.

In the grocery aisles are featured Catawba Bob’s sauces and mixes, Tony Packo’s pickles, Pure Ohio maple syrup, and a new item, Sinful Toffee from Perrysburg, all local products.

Using local suppliers, whether from a business or nutritional standpoint, seems to be a benefit for all concerned, and is a long-term and an ongoing commitment at Bassett’s Market.

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