McIntire attends Social Security seminar

Chris McIntire, President and Founder of McIntire Retirement Services with offices in Perrysburg, Fremont and Port Clinton, recently attended a two-day Social Security seminar in Cincinnati. Premier Living, a Social Security consulting firm based out of Sharonville, Ohio, held the seminar. One of Premier Living’s two principals has 35 years of experience working for the Social Security Administration, while the second principal has 30 years of public accounting experience.

“I specialize in working with clients who are in retirement or approaching retirement, and this seminar was very timely and helpful in covering the many issues associated with claiming Social Security benefits,” says McIntire. “The people putting on the seminar were very experienced in dealing with the Social Security Administration, so they provided unique insights and perspectives.” McIntire says the two-day program provided a lot of eye-opening examples. “Did you know there are about a dozen ways that married couples can claim their Social Security benefits? Each option they consider provides them with a different level of monthly income. I’ve invested the time learning the ins and outs of how Social Security works, and I can help clients with this.”

McIntire says the average person doesn’t understand the Social Security system and that there are many misconceptions about it. “My clients want to know how much they will receive from Social Security, when they should apply, and when they should start receiving benefits. The seminar gave us insight on how to handle individual cases.” He says family issues play a role in how and individual should approach Social Security. “If you are divorced, widowed, or have children it can significantly affect your Social Security benefits and how you should approach it.”

In addition to the Social Security portion of the seminar, Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D were also covered. “They go hand in hand,” says McIntire referring to Social Security and Medicare. “Clients want information about both.”

McIntire has worked extensively in the field of financial management as an Investment Advisor Representative, which gives him a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of his clients. “I use my experience and expertise to assist clients in structuring their retirement assets to last a lifetime and beyond,” says McIntire. 

McIntire Retirement Services has offices in Perrysburg and Fremont as well as a new office in Port Clinton. He resides in Woodville with his wife, Robin and three dogs. For more information about McIntire Retirement Services, visit, call 419-874-2015, or toll free at 1-866-695-2620.

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