Real Estate Transfers - Jan 3, 2013

Allen Twp

12-18-12 Fannie Mae to BAC Home Loan Servicing, 20933 Johnson Street, $105,310.
12-18-12 BAC Home Loan Servicing to Cheryl and Jonathan Nutter, 20933 Johnson Street, $86,500.

12-21-12 Leonard J. and Rita A. Buck to Joshua and Rachel Morris, 4535 North Billman Road, $730,000.

12-28-12 Jeffrey S. and Lisa M. Cass to Robert Eugene Russell, 5945 North Billman, $217,000.

12-28-12 Rita J. Vincent to Michael W. Vincent Jr., 31140 North Fostoria Road, $99,000.


Bay Twp

12-17-12 Onnie V. Matthews to Matthew D. Miller, 4755 West Fremont Road, $57,000.

12-21-12 David E. Juhasz and Myra L. Juhasz to Larry N. and Virginia A. Rushing, 3055 West Wayne Road, $239,000.

12-28-12 Michael T. Conner to Dwayne L. and Jane P. Fleming, 6789 West Boysen, $44,000.

Carroll Twp

12-26-12 Ernest E. Cottrell to Dean A. and Adrianna C. Huston, 2320 North Carroll Erie Road, new split $80,000.

Catawba Twp

12-17-12 Lawrence R. Cline Jr. and Debra L. Cline to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2267 North Wedgewood Circle, $166,667.

12-18-12 Fred A. Agnello to Thomas A. Crawford and LeeAnne E. Monday, 3401 Karwood Drive, $158,000.

12-26-12 Mildred J. Kline to Daniel L. and Nancy L. Kline, 584 NE Catawba Road, $135,000.

12-27-12 Stephen G. and Carol V. Loach to Jody L. and John M. Graham, 2881 Shad Row, $625,000.

Clay Twp

12-20-12 Janice M. Haar to Donald R. Tabbert, 22951 West Walnut, $100,000.

12-21-12 The Bank of New York Mellon to Jeffrey R. and Lisa R. Diekman, 1850 North Nissen Road,$58,000.

Danbury Twp

12-18-12 William R. French to John L. And Maureen P. French, 2308 South Linda Drive, $150,000.

12-19-12 John and Donna Anderson to Mark A. and Brenda L. Bishop, 242 North Steele Road, $70,000.

12-19-12 Terry L. Schmitt to Kenneth C. and Carolyn J. McDowell, 396 South Deerwood, $110,000.
12-19-12 Reverend Leonard P. Blair to Ronald J. Ossovicki, vacant land State Route 163, $20,000.

12-21-12 Gregory L. and Kim M. Spatz to The Cove On The Bay, 2911 South Amherst, $45,000.

Elmore Corp

12-21-12 Grant and Maryellen Cummings to Linda A. Millhime, 344 Lincoln Street, $71,000.

Erie Twp

12-21-12 James R. Weisend and Robert E. Weisend to Freddie C. Reales, 17 South Wolfe Road, $59,000.

Genoa Corp

12-20-12 Richard G. and Lenore A. Harmeyer to Harmeyer Farms LTD., 130.6 acres Wilson Road, $400,000.

12-21-12 David L. Shessler to Roger E. and Chris A. Hummel, 815 Cherry Street, $27,000.

12-26-12 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ronald G. and Julie A. Rightnowar, 813 North Railroad Street, $32,000.
12-27-12 Gary W. and Marcy J. Duquette to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 608 West 4th Street, $60,000.

Harris Twp

12-17-12 Sharon J. Elder to Kenneth E. and Carolyn J. Neeb, vacant land Dischinger Road, $79,298.

12-21-12 Todd W. and Shelia K. Rothert to Jared R. and Christy I. Diekman, 17479 West Portage River South Road, $157,500.

12-21-12 Sandra A. Rodawalt to Kenneth E. and Carolyn J. Neeb, South Dischinger Road ¼ int, $75,000.

12-21-12 Sandra J. Blausey to Kevin M. Fox, vacant land 80 acres, $240,000.

12-21-12 Richard T. Gargas Jr. and Lisa L. Gargas to Kevin M. Fox, vacant land 80 acres, $240,000.

12-28-12 Kathleen S. Derickson to Thomas E. and Gretchen R. Rymers, new split Ernsthausen, $108,000.


12-21-12 Dwight and Virginia Taylor to Michael and Lois Tretter, 10654 East Bayshore Road #86, $195,000.

12-21-12 Claudette T. Blaha et al to Scott D. and Angela G. Hendricks, 2060 South Sugar Bush Drive, $115,000.

12-27-12 Mathew and Nicole James to Bank of America, 309 East Main Street, $60,000.

12-28-12 Michael N. and Joseph M. Horvath to Michael T. and Margaret M. Fife, Memorial Shoreway, $570,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

12-28-12 David B. and Virginia B. Martin to Ruth A. Wagner, 331 Country Meadows Drive, $132,000.

Portage Twp

12-27-12 Almina J. Thompson to Sallie Traxler and John A. Laverty, 1240 East Hickory Grove, $254,915.

Port Clinton City

12-19-12 Roger Hofacker to First Island Company, 118 Harrison Street, $25,000.

Portage Twp

12-17-12 Mildred J. Butts to Samantha Idrogo, 3878 East State Road, $56,000.

Put In Bay Village School

12-28-12 David J. and Irene J. Fox to John R. Donahue, 184 Sandcastle, $170,000.

Salem Twp

12-28-12 Barbara S. Lodermeier to Donald D. Epke, 38 acres Hetrick Road, $198,000.

12-28-12 Barbara S. Lodermeier to Franklin Eugene and Bernadine A. Hammer, 10653 West Hetrick Road, new split $35,000.

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