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Annie Parker from the Put-in Bay Senior Center is surprised to learn of her induction into the Senior Hall of Fame. Annie Parker from the Put-in Bay Senior Center is surprised to learn of her induction into the Senior Hall of Fame. PHOTO BY ANGIE ZAM

The 2012 Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame Awards were presented to the awardees during the annual Senior Day celebration at Camp Perry on Wednesday, May 9. Recipients received a plaque commemorating their service to the seniors of Ottawa County. The recipients for this year’s award include: Shirley Pryor representing the Danbury Senior Center; Barbara Magsig, representing the Elmore Golden Oldies Senior Center; Bernice Runner, representing the Genoa Senior Center; June Kwaitkowski, representing Port Clinton Senior Center; and Anne Parker, representing the Put-in-Bay Senior Center. This year, two seniors who were very active in the Harbor Lights Senior Center in Oak Harbor were also honored.
Dianne Mortensen, Executive Coordinator of Ottawa County Senior Resources, presented the awards and read the following information about the recipients:

Our first 2012 Senior Hall of Fame recipient has been very active with the Danbury Senior Center Board, serving for the last couple of years. Before her involvement with the Danbury Senior Center Board, she was intimately involved with the congregate meal program at Danbury Senior Center. Both before and after her employment with the senior center, this recipient helped with many of the aspects of the senior center.  For many years, this recipient has taken care of the decorations for the center. Each change of season or holiday, you would find the Danbury Senior Center decorated with all the bells and whistles for that Holiday, be it 4th of July or Halloween. It is amazing how many decorations this recipient owns!! This recipient has always been willing to help the Danbury Senior Center in whatever was needed, be it helping with the dishes and serving the food, to making sure that the doors were locked at the end of the day. She continues to volunteer in some capacity for the Senior Center everyday that she attends. You truly cannot keep this woman out of the Kitchen! It is with great pride and honor that we celebrate Shirley Pryor as Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame recipients for 2012

Our next recipient has only been in Elmore for a short 3 years, when she returned to her Ohio roots in November of 2009. It did not take her long to be reacquainted with her former classmates and church family. Moreover, she soon found even more “family” as she settled into her new residence in the Elmore Retirement Village, where she also serves as member of the Board.
In addition, she took the Elmore ‘Golden Oldies’ senior center by storm with her willingness to promote not only the senior center but also the needs of the seniors. She currently serves as vice president of the Elmore Golden Oldies. As a member of St John’s UCC, she is a member of Honor Workers, helping set up and serve funeral lunches. She is also an elder of the church and regularly visits those that are sick.  In addition, she is a member of the church choir as singing is one of her passions. Her leadership skills have been put to the test as Elmore suffered a power failure. Her devotion to helping others held strong as she aided homebound residents in getting to safety. She is described as a compassionate and caring individual whom will “matter of fact” ly tell you what should be done to help those less fortunate. Her legacy of giving was certainly passed on as she has children who have pursued careers in Nursing, Social Work. Her dedication to the cause, whatever it is, is unfailing. She makes sure that if she can’t do it, someone does!! She has endured many hardships in her life and has many health issues that often try to interfere with her desire to keep going. Through it all, she continues to support the causes and people that she believes need it the most.  If not all that has been said is enough; this recipient’s children shared their thoughts about their mother. She truly exemplifies the Hall of Fame Senior that she now is!! It is with great pride and honor that we celebrate Barbara Magsig as a 2012 Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame recipient.
Our recipient from Genoa is a regular participant at the Genoa Senior Center acting as Secretary of the Genoa Senior Center site council for the last few years. She is a regular participant in all the lunches & is an avid card player. In fact, she is one of the senior’s who makes sure everything is in tip-top shape after the daily card games. She is described a very caring compassionate person who is always willing to help, especially when a new seniors comes to the center. She takes her caring to other places outside of the senior center including the local nursing facility where she has volunteered. She has also volunteered at the local hospital. It seems that her biggest asset to Senior Resources is her willingness to ask the right questions and make sure that we are giving the right answers. She wants to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly and that the best services that can be provided are being provided.  It is with great pride and honor that we celebrate Bernice Runner as a 2012 Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame recipient.

• Kwaitkowski
This years Hall of Fame award recipient from Port Clinton is described as “one of the most laid back and helpful people we have meet in a very long time.” She is always reluctant to take credit for anything she does and would much rather work behind the scenes and make sure that everything goes according to plan. Her accomplishments for or on behalf of the Port Clinton Senior Center include the organization and administration of not one but TWO, Chili Cook-offs. Being an avid cook, she also chaired the County-Wide Senior Chili & Soup Cook-off. She is always willing to help with any other event including soliciting door prizes for all the Center’s fall dances and various fundraisers. Recently, she prepared 4 Pineapples Upside-down Cakes and enough macaroni and cheese to accompany the BBQ Chicken Dinner sale. In addition, she helped with the set up for the event, helped to serve the food and stayed for clean up. Amazing woman! She is always willing and able to assist with ANYTHING that needs to be done for the Port Clinton Senior Center, family and friends.  It is with great pride and honor we celebrate June Kwiatkowski as a 2012 Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame recipient.

This 2012 Senior Hall of Fame recipient, hailing from our own island, Put-in-Bay, has been a lifetime resident of the island. She has been very active with all the activities and programs of the PIB Senior Center. She is always willing to ‘jump’ in a to help where and whenever an extra hand is needed. This recipient is a charter member of OWLS (Old Women’s Literacy Society). She can often be found at the island library reading to the school children during story time. She is adored by everyone, but especially the children. She is well known around the island by her incredibly sweet smile, her warm, loving, friendly personality and always having a twinkle in her eye. She has also shared her singing talents with the Island Singers, performing many times over the years at such island hot spots as the Town Hall, Perry’s Monument and the local church. Her singing talents have brought her to even bigger venues outside of the island. She once sung the National Anthem at Norway Raceway Park in front of 40,000 fans. She is quite the fitness buff. She walks with her son at least 2-3 miles a day! She attends the Strength Training classes weekly and often puts the men to shame. I’ve heard that her high kick would make the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders’ envious.
Her positive characteristics include her loving, positive attitude about almost anything. She is described as energetic, vivacious, fun, a free spirit with a smile that will not quit. Through it all, she still finds the time and energy to own and operate an island Bed and Breakfast. Yes, she still takes all the reservations, scheduling, maintenance repairs, cleaning and linens.  She is amazing!!
Her fellow seniors and site manager state: We are so incredibly proud of her and all of her accomplishments, but most of all, for her beautiful, free spirit and her infectious, sweet smile.
It is with pride and honor that we celebrate Anne Parker as a 2012 Ottawa County Senior Hall of Fame recipient.

Congratulations to all our 2012 Senior Hall of Fame Award winners. We thank you for all your dedication to the Seniors of Ottawa County and your Communities.

Community Service Award
Since the inception of the Harbor Lights Senior Center in 2006, this senior has been very instrumental in helping its growth. An active farmer and community member, this recipient was involved with the local 4-H horse clubs, was one of the main ‘cooks’ at many of the St Paul’s Lutheran Church functions and has song his heart out for many a willing audience. While his health has failed in the last few years, he continues to help with preparing the tables for the Harbor Lights Senior Center whenever possible. It is with great pride that Ottawa County Senior Resources honor Charles Chuck Lenke as the 2012 Community Service Award Winner

Certificate of Achievement Award
The recipient of this award has been a long time resident of the Oak Harbor Area. Since his involvement with Ottawa County Senior Resources, he has been active in two of our senior centers on a regular basis. His support and commitment to both the seniors and the staff of these senior centers is to be applauded. Moreover, while this involvement might not seem unusual for most, this recipient continued to drive and attend daily up until just recently. Turning 98 this year, one of our oldest senior center members in the county, we applauded his tenacity and vigor. Congratulations Harold Lewis on receiving our 2012 Certificate of Achievement Award.

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