50th Reunion of Port Clinton High School Class of 1963

54 members of the PCHS Class of 1963, along with their spouses and guests representing 13 states, gathered for their 50th class reunion on Saturday, Sept. 21. The festive weekend began Friday night as a brave group attended the soggy homecoming football game with Oak Harbor followed by a meet and greet at the Island House. Saturday’s activities included a tour of the new middle school and the new addition at Bataan Memorial. 

The sun broke through the clouds Saturday afternoon as classmates arrived at Catawba Island Club for a 5:30 cocktail hour to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce about the past. Tables with memorabilia consisting of pictures, programs, trophies and newspaper articles were on display which added to the conversations. Prior to a delicious buffet dinner, Dave Thompson called the group to order and gave recognition to the Reunion Committee consisting of Ray Brough, Carol (Allen) Crone, Lois (Busch) Evans, Tom Evans, Carol (Burr) Grodi, Milt Long, Louis “Skip” Lowien, Alice (Lowe) Meier, Linda (Colvin) Schenk, George Wight, Fran (Arhutich) Kohler and Dave Thompson. Duane Coppeler then gave a moving tribute to the deceased class members. Lois (Busch) Evans and Fran (Arhutich) Kohler took us on a humorous 50-year walk down memory lane covering significant events which occurred while we were in school. 

Those attending the reunion were Milt Long, George and Sherri Wight, Cheryl (Ames) Florian, Linda (Lemon) and John Thompson, Gary and Christine Johannsen, Janis (Nissen) Hawkins, Carolyn (McGraw) Deschuytner and Jean McGraw, Dave and Kathy LaValle, Jim “Snip” and Sharon Snyder, Jan and Judy Gaydos, David and Molly Thompson, Lois (Busch) and Tom Evans, Randy and Barbara Grover, Chuck Williamson, Duane Coppeler, Bruce and Sandi Keyser, Cheryle (St. Benore) and Don DeMars, Sally (King) Hubbell, Janet (Gaudern) and Rich Fallat, Georgia (McGee) Ehrhardt and Deborah Hauke, Larry and Carol Meachem, Alice (Lowe) and Wally Meier, Rosan (Howell) Allen and Merv Ginnich, Martin and Barb Poloni, Jim and Carol Lundgard, George King, Linda (Colvin) and Bob Schenk, Larry and Catherine Wiley, Larry and Carol Carstensen, Steve and Joyce Butler, Corlyn (Ohlemacher) Kindt and Bob Kindt, Ray and Vicki Brough, Janet (Casperson) Wright, Don and Sue Zenzer, Carol (Burr) and Ernie Grodi, Jon Harris, Fran (Arhutich) Kohler, Doris (Goodman) Baker and Susan Greear, Cheryl (LaNier) and Harry Myers, John Darden, Alicia (Carrizales) Rickard, Jean (Hrupcho) Allan and Dave Stoltz, Eugene and Mary Williams, Bob and Kathy Johnson, Kathy (Ley) and Ward Mulvaney, Mary Lou (Castillo) and Jack Steele, Dick and Karen Carr, Tony and Kathy Stahl, Emmy (Smith) and Tom Bryan, Nancy (Kestner) and Orlando Hoyos, Ed and Sally Buxton, Gene (Wolf) Heinzerling, and Anita (Montano) Ortiz.

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