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Rep. Latta visits The Beacon

On Friday U.S. Representative Robert Latta, whose 5th district includes parts of western Ottawa County, visited The Beacon’s office in Port Clinton.

Rep. Latta talked about the four issues that he most commonly hears about from his constituents. They are: regulatory issues, health care, taxes and energy. Latta serves on the Energy and Commerce, Telecommunications and Regulatory committees.

According to Latta, the brightest spot amongst these issues and committees is energy, as it is predicted that by 2020 the United States will pass Saudi Arabia in energy production and has the potential to be the world’s largest supplier of natural gas. Latta’s recommendation on energy is that “we don’t pick the winners and losers” with energy companies. 

When asked what he can do or is doing to help break the partisan deadlock in Washington, he said that the administration has made bipartisanship difficult, but also that “Republicans need to do better at communicating”, and “I really think we can all work together.”

When asked what his constituents can do, he advised that they “stay informed and in contact, by email, mail and calls. Never say ‘my voice doesn’t matter. I am just one person.’  I look at every letter. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and neighbors (about policies and political issues). If you don’t, others will.”

PC Mayor touts city departments in State of the City Address

A year ago, Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone didn’t think he had enough knowledge and information to give a “State of the City” address. However, this year he did, and he gave it at Tuesday night’s Port Clinton City Council Meeting.
Right out of the box, he was full of praise for his staff at City Hall. “The first and most important accomplishments this year in my belief is that I have surrounded myself with a great group of people that equally share the desire to move the City of Port Clinton in a forward and positive motion,” stated Mayor Leone at the beginning of his speech.

Beagle bonanza

The shelter at the Humane Society of Ottawa County on Sand Road is packed.
On Jan. 23, Humane Officer Denny Hammond was called by Port Clinton Police to an address on West Second Street. Neighbors had complained that there were a number of dogs at the residence, which had recently been foreclosed on by the bank. It was 9 p.m. when Hammond and police officers arrived.

St. Boniface School faces financial crisis

We received a letter last Friday from Sandy Heschel, a parent of a first grader. A year ago, her daughter Diane attended kindergarten at public school, but as an extremely shy child she had trouble adjusting to the overall environment, according to her mother. She and her husband Patrix Heschel decided to enroll Diane at St. Boniface School in Oak Harbor and saw a very positive change.

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