Port Clinton firefighters looking for past members

Port Clinton Fire Chief Kent Johnson is on a special mission to pay homage to past firefighters that served on his department. “Due to a substantial donation earlier this year, we are taking on a huge project to honor those who came before us in the department,” said Chief Johnson. “We are huge history buffs, so this is a great project for us.”

The chief intends to place grave memorial markers on each grave of the Port Clinton Firefighters in the area, but he is having some trouble locating them all.

“We have used old yearbooks and rosters and we have a pretty substantial list compiled,” said Chief Johnson, “but I am confident it is not complete.”


CIVFD raises money for Honor Flight

On Saturday, April 5, the Catawba Island Volunteer Firefighters held a pancake breakfast to raise money for the Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio program. Firefights, civilians and Boy Scout Troop 360 volunteered their services to make this event happen. 

Not only were there donations of time, but there were donations of product. Catawba Island Club donated eggs, bacon and French toast; Crosswinds Restaurant donated juice; Gerner Wolf Walker Family Funeral Home donated the paper products; Dave and Jodi Regal donated desserts and Amy Drummer donated time to do the advertising for the event. 

“People just came out through the woodwork to help us with this,” said organizer and Catawba Island Volunteer Firefighter Dan Barlow. “In comparison, it’s a small amount of work we can do for those who did so much for us during the war.”

Honor Flight is a non-profit organization that helps transport veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at the veterans’ memorials. Top priority is given to senior veterans along with those suffering from terminal illness. Without the program, some of the veterans may not get to visit the memorials that were created for their sacrifice and service.

This year, 240 people attended the breakfast and the CIVFD raised $3620 to donate to Honor Flight.

For more information on the Honor Flight program visit

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