Prof to discuss archeological research on prison site

David R. Bush, PhD., Heidelberg University, Tiffin, will present a program at 7 p.m. July 16 at the Ida Rupp Public Library covering his archeological work at the Johnson’s Island Confederate Prison and Cemetery.
Bush began his archeological study of the Johnson’s Island site in 1989. Professor Bush’s research has yielded many significant finds on the Island, including the location of Fort Hill, Fort Johnson (the prison stockade) and the dock area. Excavations and “digs” have been used to study several of the sinks (latrines), the powder magazine for Fort Hill, a prison well and portions of two prison blocks.

The archeological research and excavations are being used to determine the conditions in which the Confederate Officers were held and also to locate abandoned personal possessions that may be on the site. Much has been accomplished through Bush’s efforts and the efforts of his archeology students.
The Ida Rupp Public Library is proud to have a distinguished researcher as Bush speak at the facility during the Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War exhibition on display until July 31 and presented by the American Library Association and The National Constitution Center.
For information, check out Bush’s website the can be viewed for further information.

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