Ida Rupp Library hosts Prevent Blindness Ohio

Senator Randy Gardner reads a book to children at the Ida Rupp Public Library.

On Monday, August 18, Prevent Blindness Ohio and the Ida Rupp Public Library presented a special reading hour with Senator Randy Gardner and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. At the reading hour Senator Gardner read “Arthur’s Eyes” by Marc Brown and “The Eye Book” by Dr. Seuss.

Senator Gardner was part of passing a bill that has children’s sight tested before they are go for special needs testing.

“A mom came to me and said that she had a concern with special needs testing,” said Senator Gardner. “Her child went to special needs testing, but it was just their sight that was a problem. She thought that if there was a mandate of having vision tested first, that would alleviate the need for some special needs testing because sometimes sight is the problem.”

Before Senator Gardner started to read he told the children, “I bet you boys and girls will listen to me better than some of the people in Columbus.”

After the first book, “Arthur’s Eyes” was read, Senator Gardner asked the children what they learned from reading the book.

“Yes, that’s right! Not everyone needs glasses, but if you do, it’s ok,” said Senator Gardner. “Even the state senator needs glasses.”

Prevent Blindness Ohio travels around the state and invites special guests to come and read. In addition to reading, there are stations set up for children to explore to learn about sight. The four stations were: the importance of vision, why some people wear glasses, a world without sight and eye health and safety.

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