Governor Kasich visits Ottawa County Republican Headquarters Featured

Governor Kasich speaking Saturday at the Ottawa County Republican Headquarters.

It was quite a gathering of Republicans at the Denny Bergeman K of C Hall, the front of which has been transformed into Ottawa County Republican Headquarters. The reason? A visit from Ohio Governor John Kasich who was making four campaign stops last Saturday across Northern Ohio.

He was supposed to arrive around 9:30 a.m. for a breakfast event. He didn’t get there until nearly 10:30, but he stayed for nearly an hour. He listened to campaign speeches from Ottawa County Auditor candidate Roni Reid, and from Ohio State Representative candidate Steve Kraus. Then came the main event as Ottawa County Republican Chairperson Carolyn Adams introduced Kasich to the waiting crowd of over 100 Republican faithful.

“You know,” said Kasich, “since I have been Governor, nobody has come up to me to thank me for cutting their taxes? I guess that is not so surprising, since I realize that it takes a long time for tax cuts and incentives to kick in.” Kasich noted that he has cut a number of taxes, including personal income taxes. He also noted that smaller government is working in Ohio. “When I came to office, Ohio was 48th in job creation. Now we are number 5.” He pointed out a number of needs in Ohio, including helping special needs individuals and folks with mental health issues. He also made note of the need to improve Ohio’s massive drug problem, particularly with heroine and other opiates. 

Kasich has made making education in Ohio accountable. “We decided at the start that we weren’t going to pass along students any more, only to have them discover at a later age that they didn’t have the proper tools,” said Kasich. “Our goal is to make sure that every youngster can read by the time they reach third grade.” Kasich also pointed out that vocational education is a priority “like it was with another former governor, James Rhodes, the father of Vocational Education in Ohio. It is not like your father’s vocational education, today’s version is absolutely ‘high tech’.” 

Governor Kasich eat dinner at Crosswinds Restaurant during his visit to town. L to R: Owner William Moore, Governor John Kasich, Owner Eric Schramm.

One item Kasich did not touch on was the algal bloom problem on Lake Erie. 

He seemed to be pointing out visually his focus on the future of Ohio when he posed for a photo with a family of five young children before leaving for his next rally. 

He did spend some time in Ottawa County over the weekend. He ate dinner at Crosswinds Restaurant in Portage Township on Friday night before embarking on his campaign swing through Northern Ohio. 

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