Ed FitzGerald speaks on running for governor and health of Lake Erie Featured

FitzGerald speaking at his press conference on Friday, August 8.

Ed FitzGerald, who is running to be the next governor of Ohio, held a small press conference Friday, August 8, in Lakeview Park in Port Clinton. FitzGerald, who is on a Hometown Tour of small communities around Ohio, has stopped in Ottawa County three times in the last month. He attended the Ottawa County Fair where he spoke with supporters and constituents about their concerns and hopes for Ohio, he attended the Ottawa County Democratic summer picnic on Wednesday, August 6, and his most recent stop to Lakeview Park for a press conference.

The press conference started by Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone welcoming FitzGerald to the city. He then started speaking about FitzGerald and why he is a great candidate for governor.

“Right now the algal bloom is a hot topic,” said Mayor Leone. “I have been mayor for two and a half years and when I went to the first Governor’s Fish Ohio Day, I went to our governor with concerns about our lake, about our failing septic systems in our town and I felt I was pushed aside.”

“What has happened in Toledo is disturbing, the EPA has failed the community and so has our current governor,” said Mayor Leone. “Kasich’s decision to override the protocol and provide water to the people of Toledo when it wasn’t safe is disheartening and careless.”

“I am here to stand behind FitzGerald not because he is a democrat, but because he’s a man who cares, said Mayor Leone. “He gets it.”

L to R: PCHS senior Gabe DeFreitas, Ed FitzGerald and PC councilperson Nicole DeFreitas at Friday’s press conference.

After Mayor Leone’s introduction, FitzGerald took the podium and addressed the crowd.

“Right now we are doing small town tours and I feel that is so important,” said FitzGerald. “What happens here matters to people raising families. This water quality issue didn’t come from left field. What is the priority of our current governor? Is the priority public health and community or is it special interest groups?”

“The worst thing that can happen is if a governor is running for themselves and not for the people. The community will not survive without safe drinking water. This has made national news and this isn’t want we want Ohio to be known for. We need to stick to the basics, something has to be done,” said FitzGerald.

“Here locally, over 7 million dollars has been lost in education in Ottawa County. The local governments have taken 9 million dollars in cuts. You can’t balance your budget at a state level by unbalancing people’s budgets at a local level,” said FitzGerald.

FitzGerald closed by reiterating that “these are the real things that people care about.”

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