Community response to "club drug" allegations 

As a follow up to the summary released by the Put-in-Bay Police Department on Thursday, July 31, the Put-in-Bay community supports local law enforcement's immediate response to recent allegations that 15 visitors were slipped drugs while on the island. All allegations and complaints are treated seriously by the Put-in-Bay Police Department and our island community. Our interests are not in just protecting our visitors but also our island residents.

Put-in-Bay is proud to have served approximately 450,000 visitors this season and we estimate another 300,000 visitors before the end of October.

Investigations in the 15 alleged drug complaints show that one person tested positive for the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine, according to the Put-in-Bay Police Department. And although none tested positive for the more common "club drugs" such as rohypnol (roofie), gamma hydroxubutyvic (GHB) or ketamine (Special K), the Put-in-Bay community takes every allegation seriously and is committed to providing a safe environment for our residents and visitors.

Our commitment includes a continued vigilance to work with local law enforcement and our business community to provide a safe place for everyone. Any threat to anyone's personal safety will not be tolerated by this community.

We will continue to educate our island workers to be observant of their customers and we hope that our residents and visitors share our diligence in being aware of their environment and practicing safe habits.

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