Latta holds one on one meetings in Elmore

Latta holds one on one meetings in Elmore

On Monday, June 30, Congressman Bob Latta held one on one meetings with his constituents in Elmore at the City Hall. Throughout the year, Congressman Latta visits all 14 counties in his district.

“One on one meetings are just as important to me as big meetings with businesses and large organizations,” said Congressman Latta. “On an individual basis I can hear what is going on with people in my district and help them on a personal level.”

The three top things his constituents are talking about are veteran services, Medicaid and Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). Latta says that people are telling him they are receiving less overage under the Affordable Care Act when they are self-employed; many people in general are worried about coverage.

Veteran services are a hot topic here and at a national level.

“I am glad that the administration if finally admitting there is a problem,” said Latta. “It started in Arizona with a statement saying maybe 40 veterans weren’t receiving services, the number has escalated by the hundreds. We have passed legislation now that enforces more control over following the rules. If a veteran isn’t receiving services at their veteran’s service center, they can go to a local care facility and receive the care they need. We have two goal regarding this topic: seeing that the VA administration does its job and seeing that our veterans are being taken care of.”

Congressman Latta’s district as around 70,000 veterans; he said it is a top priority of his to assure them they are getting the care and respect that they deserve.

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