Pyrate Fest invades Put-in-Bay

Caption: Nicole DeFreitas, Ty Winchester and Felipe Sanchez all worked hard, together, to help make this event a success.

This year the sixth annual Pyrate Fest took place on Put-in-Bay June 20-23. 60 historical re-enactors from six states participated in the events. The festival kicks off starting with an invasion of pirates led by Pyrate King Mad Dog and his ruthless crew. There are many festivities over the weekend, even a Pyrate Costume Contest with a dream vacation prize.

“My mom lives in Florida and we love all things Disney and anything that has to do with feeling like a kid again,” said Pyrate Fest organizer and general manager of Pasquales Café Ty Winchester. “So we thought, why not have a Pyrate Fest on Put-in-Bay!”

Winchester said that the weekend in June was chosen because schools were just getting out and people were just getting in vacation mode and heading to the island.

“Now, in our sixth year, the festival is so popular that it’s the second busiest weekend on the island just behind Christmas in July,” said Winchester.

With the help of many people, this event is a success.

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